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Stand Down Event 2024

The first stand down was held in 1988 in San Diego, California. The founders of the concept are Robert Van Keuren and Dr. Jon Nachison (two Vietnam veterans). It provided battle weary soldiers during the Vietnam War a retreat in a safe environment. Its purpose was for soldiers to take care of personal hygiene, enjoy hot meals, medical and dental care, send and receive mail, and enjoy the camaraderie of friends.


What Happens at a Stand Down Today?

Stand Down Veterans Event

Each year, the Foothills Veterans Helping Veterans hosts the Foothills Veterans Stand Down. Veterans come together at Catawba Valley Community College for camaraderie, food, clothing, medical, dental, and other services. Veterans are provided access to community resources needed to rebuild or enhance their lives. Veterans have the opportunity to connect with other veterans, veterans’ organizations, volunteers and service providers.

To host a successful Stand Down, a group of dedicated volunteers is needed, along with donors and sponsors, community support, financial support, and strong leaders with great organizational skills.

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Dental Service at Foothills Veterans Stand Down

Stand Down dentist, Dr. Sahil Bhende,
helps veteran Ron Kana.

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